You can already rent the hall again!

2020 05 27

We are glad that we have all managed to control the spread of the pandemic, we hope that you are healthy and optimistic.
We are in a hurry to announce that we have already renewed the rental of meeting rooms and conference hall and we are waiting for you all!
In order to meet the requirements of the quarantine regime, we can accept groups of up to 4 people in the meeting rooms and up to 9 people in the conference hall. We hope that with the new phase of quarantine relaxation, we will be able to accept larger groups.
We adhere to strict safety standards: we constantly ventilate the premises, disinfect the surfaces regularly, in case of short-term lease we disinfect before and after the lease. We offer guests coffee in accordance with all safety requirements. All guests are kindly requested to wear protective masks in the common areas and to follow the usual anti-COVID-19 recommendations.
We are looking forward to your guests!